Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates to ye' old Strands of Crepe Paper blog. Work, travel, and Christmas obligations have left little time for Juha to spend on the blog. I apologize and will try to do better in the new year. As for the hoops squad...big win in the Big Easy on Saturday. It was our first true road game of the year, and I was very glad that our young team was able to come away with the win. UNO isn't a very good team, but fans of Ole Miss basketball know that no road game is ever a guaranteed win. I wasn't didn't attend the game and couldn't listen, but Chris Warren looks to have played a terrific game. Chris scored 29 to set a career-high scoring mark, including 5 of 8 from deep. Good to see Chris bounce back and play very well after the tough finish he had against West Virginia. David Huertas scored 12, and I believe that all of those points came in the last 10 minutes of the game. Terrico White was the other double digit scorer with 11. I know I'm a broken record, but we've got to find that consisted 3rd scorer who is going to give us 12-15 a night. Terrico looks like the best candidate to fill that spot right now.

I won't comment much on the West Virginia game because I imagine that anybody who reads this blog saw the game. Frustrating to say the least. We all knew that rebounding was going to be a problem this year, but the WVU game was ridiculous. I have never seen a team give up so many offensive rebounds off of free throws. I'm sure that practice on Wednesday and Thursday was not very fun for our bigs. It's going to be long year if we can't find a way to rebound better than we did last Wednesday. Luckily, WVU is probably one of the better rebounding teams that we will face this season. Disappointed in the loss, but encouraged that we played well enough where we could have and should have beaten a quality team. The Rebs are off this week for finals and will return to action Saturday against New Mexico in the Pit. It will be tough game on the road, but one that we could and should probably win. New Mexico is 4-4 on the year with a home loss to Central Florida and a narrow 2 point home win over Southern Miss. We can't drop too many more in the pre-season if we want to have any chance at an NCAA bid.

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